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With our Six-Phase Marketing DONE FOR YOU program - We help business to locate and engage with the audience that aligns perfectly with your brand.

Through strategic conversions, effective lead nurturing, heightened awareness, and demand generation tactics, we ensure that your message reaches the right people at the right time. Elevate your business's growth trajectory by engaging with the audience that matters most for your MedSpa or Salon Business

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How much does it cost to market a MedSpa?

The cost of marketing a MedSpa can vary depending on several factors such as your location, competition, target audience, and the services you offer. In the guide, it is mentioned that the cost per lead can vary depending on the service. For example, a HydraFacial treatment would be less expensive to generate leads for compared to a full-face thread lift. On an average the MedSpa's Meta (Facebook, Instagram) Lead Generation ranges from CAD $5 to CAD $20. Click the Image to view actual 30 days stats for one of our Med Spa clients.

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What are effective marketing strategies for MedSpas?

A mix of social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) and search engine advertising (Google) is recommended. These platforms allow targeted advertising to reach your ideal customers. At 2Moon Pro, we can create and manage data-driven ad campaigns to reach your target audience. Contact us to learn more!

How can I attract new clients to my MedSpa?

Understand lead costs, set realistic goals, and implement targeted advertising with a cohesive marketing strategy. This might include social media campaigns, search engine ads, or special offers. 2Moon Pro can help you develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that attracts new clients and keeps your business growing. Contact us today!

What is a CRM system and how can it benefit my Med Spa?

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system tracks leads, appointments, and customer interactions. It allows for personalized communication, which can improve customer retention. At 2Moon Pro, we can help you set up and integrate a CRM system that simplifies your operations and strengthens your customer relationships.

Should I offer discounts to attract new clients?

Consider offering attractive packages or promotions instead of simply lowering prices. This can help maintain your value proposition.

What are some common marketing pitfalls to avoid for MedSpas?

Avoid a scattered marketing approach, wasting resources, and failing to adapt to changing customer preferences.

What services do you offer to help MedSpas?

We offer a six-phase marketing program that includes analyzing your current marketing efforts, setting up a CRM system, developing a targeted marketing plan, and continuously monitoring and improving your strategy. At 2Moon Pro, we can help you achieve your marketing goals with our proven approach. Contact us now to schedule a free consultation!


Shoeb Lodhi is not just a multi talented individual but a perfectionist. His vast areas of expertise range from people management to project initiation including 360 marketing and enterprise level Admin skills which make him a savvy entrepreneur and a RARE to find resource in today’s marketplace.



Joe Q, 3D Lifestyle Canada

Shoeb is a dedicated professional who is focused on team and company success. He led the Alachisoft marketing team through some key lead growth areas. Shoeb's SEO strategy helped contribute to new revenue channels for the company.



Larry C, Alachisoft, USA

When Shoeb started in Marketing at Alachisoft, he quickly, and correctly, assessed service gaps and opportunities within a week. He then used his talents and contacts to implement solutions, such as new service related software, a new technical content writer and simplified our digital marketing campaigns. He is flexible, capable, sincere and easy to work with and led the marketing team with skill.



Deborah S, USA

Shoeb is an exceptional individual with a proven track record of delivering results. He is a born leader who possesses excellent communication and analytical skills that enable him to manage complex projects and collaborate effectively with diverse cross-functional teams.

Shoeb is creative and can think out-of-the-box to solve problems. He is eager to learn new things and explore new challenges. He brings positive energy to the work environment.



Saeed K, VSi CA, USA

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  • Social Media Management

  • CRM Integration

  • Website Development

  • Email Marketing

  • Customer Booking Automation

  • Performance Dashboard

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